What a year! The perfect growing conditions for our first fruiting year, 4.1 tonnes picked and the release of our first Bluestone English sparkling wine. Truly, the year of Bluestone. 

Nat & Toby extremely pleased with the Bluestone fruit

2018 will be a year that everyone in the wine UK industry will remember.

Gorgeous weather, grapes of exceptional quality and a huge abundance of them. Although, the blessings of a bumper crop did bring worries and stress to some of whether there would be enough tank space to accommodate it. On the other hand, we could have worse issues in our burgeoning industry as we have had in the past, most notably in 2012, when some wineries didn’t produce any wine whatsoever. It’s a nice issue, as opposed to having no wine, which is a real issue.

Pinot Meunier bunches basking in the sunshine

Our grapes were fantastic giving us a juice of 11.3% potential alcohol and very good acidity at 9.4 (H2S04 units of measurement). Ideal levels for making an extraordinary English sparkling wine. Young vines, like our 3 year olds in 2018, often produce better quality fruit relative to more established vines in relation to harvest dates. This is often because the vine will have less fruit than a more mature vine and so will have more resources to ripen and nurture a smaller crop. Affirming the common understanding that a lower quantity often results in a better quality, all things being equal. So look out for our Bluestone sparkling wine from the 2018 vintage, it will be quite fantastic.

Wonderful Autumn colours at Bluestone’s 3 Acre vineyard

The vines are slowly going into dormancy now that the cold weather is setting in. It won’t be long until we are back out pruning in the vineyards giving them the best possible start for the 2019 growing season.

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