Bluestone Classic Cuvee 2015



Our first release of English Quality Sparkling Wine in the form of this limited edition Classic Cuvee. A blend of 61% chardonnay, 10% pinot noir and 29% pinot meunier all handpicked from the 2015 vintage.

This is a really interesting example of the quality sparkling wine England can produce. The expression of terroir is really upfront in this wine, particularly coming through in the higher proportion of chardonnay and could be mistaken for a wine made solely from chardonnay, or a Blanc de Blanc as the french would say. The underlying chalk structure of England’s pleasant pastures green is the perfect home for chardonnay in the production of high quality sparkling wines. It allows the fruit to retain its acidity, which gives English sparkling wines their freshness and zip with classic notes of crushed green apples and citrus.

This wine has a small amount of reserve that gives it a wonderful nutty and toasty nose, enticing you to delve deeper into what it has to offer. Then, the freshness hits. Wonderfully fruity as described above with the laser like acidity deflecting off all edges in the mouth. It has a long finish but the wine won’t last long as it most certainly leaves you wanting more.



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